INA & FAG Training Day

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INA/FAG course description

When was the last time you received any training for Timing or FEAD (Front End Auxiliary Drive) or the new breed of wheel bearing fitments? Was it when you did your apprenticeship with City and Guilds or IVQ/CVQ perhaps? Well, things have changed! You are invited for an informal day of FREE tuition at one of the Schaeffler UK training sites.

What’s covered during the day?
We look at how engines have developed and what extra demands are placed on the three different Timing drive systems. You will take apart a modern double eccentric tensioner and hear the theory of how they are designed to operate as well as looking at all the different configurations of Timing drive. As many systems now have a water pump as an integral part of the drive we will also look at water pump design and introduce you to the new Thermal management technology.

Practical demonstrations section:
  • VAG 1.9 & 2.0 Litre TDi’s have the Timing belt tensioner mounted on a stud inserted into the alloy cylinder head . These are prone to working loose or snapping during operation. With the help of the INA free set up tool which each delegate will take home with them, we will demonstrate best practice to avoid a failure .
  • We will change the timing belt on a Ford 1.8 TDCi showing best practice on this failure prone system.
  • This is followed by a montage of other potentially problematic drives which can end up costing you a lot of money to repair if you’re not in the know.
  • We’ll cover applications for Vauxhall, Honda, Renault, VAG, Range Rover, Iveco and others.
  • FEAD system is up next showing the developing systems and problems related to shredded Multi V belts.
  • We include OAP & OAD technology, you may know what an OAP is but do you know about an “Overrunning Alternator Decoupler”? Also featured is the new kid on the block “The Pulley Decoupler ”as fitted to BMW, Volvo and Vauxhall applications.
  • We finish off, time permitting, with practical demonstrations fitting a Hub 2.1 Gen 2 bearing using the special tools required .
  • Also we’ll fit a bearing on an A5 hub showing the effects of “Galvanic Corrosion “and finish off with the latest advances in wheel bearing design.

So…a packed agenda and 6 + hours of information sharing in a relaxed and informal setting.
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