Schaeffler’s Chain Protect lubricant proves to be the link to a longer life




Schaeffler has forged an excellent partnership with premium oil and additive supplier, Liqui Moly, one which has resulted in the inclusion of an exclusive tube of timing chain additive in every INA Timing Chain KIT.

Timing chains must be properly lubricated and well-maintained to cope with the stresses and demands of a modern power unit, such as high loads and engine speeds. These demands are also particularly high in vehicles that are frequently driven over short distances. 

A new, replacement chain system is usually installed in a well-worn, older engine environment with contaminated oil residues – which is what the engineers from Schaeffler and Liqui-Moly addressed during the creation of Chain Protect.

The additive was jointly developed by both companies to not only improve engine efficiency, but also increase the lifespan of the timing chain and all associated components.

To ensure a new timing chain enjoys an optimum service life, Schaeffler recommends the replacement of the entire timing chain system, always using the correct grade and volume of vehicle manufacturer approved engine oil. The Chain Protect additive is primarily used to reduce friction and elongation during the ‘running-in’ phase, reducing wear during this critical period by 20%.

Tech tip:

Chain Protect, based on the low-friction lubricant MoS2, should be smeared onto the chain and sprocket to create a robust layer on all ‘point of contact’ surfaces, which will then rub or slide against each other more easily.

Each INA Timing Chain KIT contains every OE quality component needed for a professional repair, including timing chain, sprockets, hydraulic and mechanical tensioners, tensioning and guide rails, plus all of the necessary gaskets, seals and mounting parts – not forgetting a tube of Chain Protect!