FAG Complete Hub – the ultimate complete commercial vehicle wheel bearing repair solution from Schaeffler



Schaeffler is extending its portfolio of truck and trailer wheel bearing repair solutions by introducing a range of bolt-on complete hub units for the quickest and simplest repair. Depending on the application, the ready-to-fit FAG Complete Hub unit contains the wheel hub already equipped with the correct type of Schaeffler wheel bearing repair solution; FAG Repair Insert Unit, FAG Truck Hub Unit or FAG SmartSET. Also included are the ABS encoder ring and every other ancillary part needed to carry out a professional installation.

Extended service intervals and highest safety standards for maximum mobility
Wheel bearings are amongst the most heavily stressed components on a commercial vehicle, and their repair can be both cumbersome and time-consuming. With a FAG Complete Hub, however, Schaeffler has created a ready-to-install complete unit which is pre-assembled, pre-positioned and lubricated for life. This saves garages and fleet operators costs during the repair, as the vehicle spends less time in the workshop. As the installation is a simple bolt-on process, the chances of premature failures caused by insufficient lubrication or dirt ingress can be eliminated. Workshops can carry out a safe repair, whilst minimising installation-related consequential damage and ensuring a long and reliable service life, resulting in reduced operating costs for fleet operators.

Fast, safe maintenance and follow-on repairs
A complete hub also saves time and money in the event of any follow-on maintenance, for example, brake repairs. As the FAG Complete Hub contains a pre-assembled wheel bearing unit from Schaeffler, the hub and wheel bearing remain as a complete unit during removal and reinstallation. There is no need to re-install the inner ring or relubricate the bearing, once again reducing time off the road.

Proven original equipment quality
The FAG Complete Hub is exclusively pre-installed with FAG wheel bearings in proven OE quality. Each product is subjected to strict quality control and continuous testing, ensuring a perfect bearing position and a smooth, balanced running of the bearing in the hub. As a Schaeffler product, all components meet the quality standards of the genuine components as installed by the truck and trailer manufacturers. Every FAG Hub Unit in the initial range of 24 is a precise fitting complete repair solution, covering many popular European applications.

Further information on FAG branded products and the complete Schaeffler product range for the automotive aftermarket can be found on the Schaeffler workshop portal for professional technicians at www.repxpert.co.uk.