All key engine systems under one brand

11/18/16 / INA

All key engine systems under one brand

Schaeffler presents its expertise in the engine segment under the INA brand

“To deliver on our promise of offering a wide range of products, we have constantly adapted our portfolio to market needs and at the same time eliminated complexities for our customers,” says Dr. Robert Felger, Senior Vice President Product and Marketing, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. “With a clear focus on the engine, we are now able to cover – under a single brand – the four main areas of engine applications.”

A main goal of vehicle developers today is to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Engine downsizing and the development of hybrid solutions have contributed to achieving this goal. However, these developments represent a new challenge, repair solutions need to be offered that allow garages to conduct complex repairs as well.

Successfully reducing vibration in the front end auxiliary drive

Schaeffler has a wide range of individual components and repair solutions (called KITs) for the maintenance and repair of the front end auxiliary drive. Included in the portfolio is the INA FEAD KIT – a unique, all-in-one repair solution for the auxiliary drive. “Thanks to our 40 years of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket, we have the expertise to combine the right components for repair,” says Mr. Felger. “For garages, this means no long searching and allocating parts for a solution they had to come up with on their own. Instead, it contains all the relevant components that have to be replaced, which helps avoid any follow-up damage.” The INA FEAD KIT comes with a V-belt, tension, and deflection pulleys, as well as all the necessary accessory parts. Depending on the vehicle type and how it is used, the repair solution can also contain an INA overrunning alternator pulley (OAP), a torsion vibration damper or a water pump. Each of these components is also available as individual part in original-equipment quality, for instance individual belts. In short, the INA FEAD KIT is the repair solution for all components subjected to high load conditions. It reduces vibrations and improves driving comfort.

Schaeffler is the only original equipment supplier in the Automotive Aftermarket to offer a crankshaft de-coupler with a torsion vibration damper that isolates the alternator from crankshaft vibrations. Thanks to this technology, belt drives operate smoother and quieter, and the service life of the drive belt itself is increased.

Specialists for timing drive and valve train

Schaeffler is one of the largest original-equipment parts manufacturers for chain-drive systems and components. For the Automotive Aftermarket, the company offers a complete portfolio of products for belt drive, chain drive and valve train, along with their respective repair solutions. The portfolio is constantly being adjusted to the needs of the marketplace. Due to the rising share of original-equipment chain drives, for instance, Schaeffler is making a wide assortment of products for this segment available to the independent Aftermarket.

Innovative water pumps for engine cooling systems

A variety of water pumps are currently being developed to help lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions even further. For INA, the focus is “Cooling on demand”, or the targeted and demand-oriented control of heat-flow in the vehicle. This is made possible by a thermal management module (TMM). It uses sensor-controlled rotary vanes to precisely regulate the balance in temperature in the powertrain. With this, up to three additional regulated cooling cycles can quickly achieve the optimal temperature. This allows the TMM to regulate engine temperature from ignition, 100 percent completely on demand. The result: The warm up phase of the engine is dramatically shortened, which lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to four percent.

Because the TMM comes with the water pump and all mounting parts needed for replacement, it is a complete repair solution for 1.5 million vehicles of the VW Group worldwide. Mechanical, vacuum-controlled and electric water pumps, as well as all parts necessary for mounting them, enhance the portfolio. Besides including water pumps, the practical INA KIT includes tension pulleys, deflection pulleys, and guide pulleys along with V-belts (ripped V-belts) and all the necessary accessory parts like screws, nuts, and seals.

Schaeffler is one of the largest original-equipment manufacturer of chain drive systems and components. The INA timing chain KITs for the Automotive Aftermarket interlock perfectly to avoid any secondary damages.

The thermal management module developed by Schaeffler uses sensor controlled rotary vanes to precisely adjust the temperature balance in the powertrain. This enables savings of up to four percent in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.