We produce components and systems

12/20/16 / Schaeffler

We produce components and systems

Schaeffler products have always facilitated and promoted mobility, they have contributed to the development and improvement of automotive drive trains and other means of transportation. Schaeffler supplies components for bicycles, trains and aircraft. The company is present wherever something moves or turns.

At the same time, Schaefller is a supplier that understands and is able to deliver complex modules and complete system solutions. Today we are seeing an ever more frequent merging of mechanical and electronic componenets into larger mechatronic systems that require complex control software.

Schaeffler aims to further develop its expertise in this area, without neglecting the components business. The company values both business segments equally. And for good reason: those without expertise in components will not be able to handle the system.

Apart from its components and systems, Schaeffler also wishes to further develop its services business. This goes for both the Automotive Aftermarket and the Industrial business.