The REPXPERT tractor team head to LAMMA17!

1/23/17 / Trade shows

The REPXPERT tractor team head to LAMMA17!

With the launch of the new Parts Shop the REPXPERT team went to show the market what was on offer.

On 18th and 19th January 2017 the REPXPERT team took to Peterborough to showcase their tractor range at the 2017 LAMMA show.

The show regularly attracts over 40,000 farmers from around the country and overseas giving distributors and manufacturers a chance to speak to their market directly. With an opportunity too good to miss the REPXPERT team pitched up their vans, tractor and parts ready to inform all visitors.

Steve Jones, Tractor Product Manager at Schaeffler said: “The stand worked really well with the REPXPERT van drawing attention from passers-by.”

While at the show the REPXPERT Tractor team set about launching their Parts Shop, allowing people to go directly to the shop to buy parts they require instead of going to a local distributor of LuK.

“Both students and colleges showed a great interest in the launch of the Parts Shop and the products it has available. The launch of the shop went better than expected with no down times with internet connection and a good area to showcase the item.” Steve Jones continued.

Another focal aspect for the REPXPERT team was the LuK Splitting Kit. The splitting kit is designed to encourage simple, safe and professional tractor clutch installations and repairs. Two versions are available to suit different tractor variants, with each ensuring the correct alignment of the two split tractor sections and reducing the risk of damage whilst safely supporting the gearbox and engine.

Steve Jones said: “The splitting kit was one of the main pulls of attention on the stand, with many people coming over and asking how it works and how it could benefit them in their everyday working lives.”

With the stand gaining a lot of attention the REPXPERT team feel the show worked extremely well for both the visitors and the exhibitors. With this in mind we are sure to see the REPXPERT tractor team at LAMMA 2018.