February's Top 3 Hotline Topics

2/2/17 / Tech

May's Top 3 Hotline Topics

This months top three topics straight from our technical hotline team

Hot Topic One:

Catalogue enquiry - Renault Master/ Vauxhall Movano 2010 onwards.

Although this may seem like an basic thing to talk about it is extremely relevant when using the catalogue.

These can be notoriously difficult to identify correct DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) and clutch. First, work out if the vehicle is front wheel drive (FWD) or rear wheel drive RWD). If FWD the slave cylinder is of the concentric type i.e inside the bell housing. If RWD the slave cylinder is the external type. This information will facilitate which pairing to select.

Hot Topic Two:

Catalogue enquiry - VAG models 1.6 diesel post 2011.

We often receive a lot of calls asking for the DMF to these models. Dual Mass Flywheel is used all of the automatic DSG (Dual Shift Gearbox) vehicles but not for the manual versions. A solid flywheel has now been adopted.

Hot Topic Three

Technical enquiry - leaking concentric slave cylinders (CSC)

CSC's fail and leak mainly for two reasons (although there are other possibilities). Firstly, distance issues, secondly hydraulic feed blockages or partial blockages.