March's Top 3 Hotline Topics

3/1/17 / Tech

May's Top 3 Hotline Topics

This months top three topics straight from our technical hotline team

Hot Topic One:

Online catalogue: We get a lot of calls on the subject of clutch identification and how difficult it is using vechicle registration look up systems. So simplify your life! Use a search engine and type in 'Schaeffler WebCat', when you enter the site check to make sure it defaults to GB for country and save to favourites. The online catalogue is free and updated frequently.

Hot Topic Two:

Searching for a Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) and clutch. Use the online catalogue, search for the DMF first. More often than not we will then specify which clutch to use in the text alongside.

Hot Topic Three:

VW Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) or in aftermarket spiel Twin Clutch Technology (2CT). This is the Volkswagen automated transmission system. We get a lot of confused enquiries so to simplify: DSG systems can be either WET or DRY. The wet is a six speed transmission, the dry is a seven speed transmission. Borg Warner manufacture the clutch components for the wet system while LuK make the clutch system for the dry system. Both systems use a DMF to transmit the torque to the transmission via the clutches. In the aftermartket we genreally sell the DMF for both systems but only the clutch for the dry LuK system.