REPXPERT - What's new?

2/27/17 / REPXPERT

REPXPERT - What's new?

With new items being implemented on the site daily what have you missed?

As some of you may know REPXPERT re-launched last year with the new and improved look and additional service on offer on the site. However, the updates to the service portal didn’t stop at the big release last year, since then the team have been working tirelessly to ensure you receive the best possible training and services that can be offered in the Aftermarket.

Within the product catalogue there is now a dedicated section for Tractor related products, this has been incorporated to provide a wider variety of products and applications. This ties in with the launch of the Tractor Parts Shop, this will be a platform available to both end users and distributors, the shop will showcase the Tractor products available through Schaeffler with the opportunity to buy them directly from the manufacturer. As well as products and the parts shop we have also released two training videos and installation guides to complete the service package for those applications, however that won’t be it so keep your eyes peeled as more tractor related updates will follow.

Since the latest platform launch users can now access useful aspects prior to logging in. This now allows the user to access content such as news, events, training and products through the main sections on the homepage. However, users will still need to login to be able to participate and benefit from the bonus shop and TecDoc facilities.

One exciting new feature within the REPXPERT service portal is the inclusion of event pages, currently there is an Autoinform Scotland page outlining all training workshops at the event including those given by Schaeffler REPXPERT and those given by other OESAA members. Along with crucial information about the events there is a link to the dedicated event website where interested users can sign up to the event and get more information such as timings, location, travel and food.

With REPXPERT incorporating more and more Tractor Parts, the team went a step further and launched the Tractor Parts Shop. This allows you to buy the required repair solution directly from the manufacturer. To learn more click here.

Make sure you check out the platform to get the most out of the services to help you in your daily working lives. The next big release for the channel will be the start of the REPXPERT Facebook channel which is set to launch at the end of March, this will help the platform users and new comers stay ahead of the game and stay fully informed on what REPXPERT have to offer.