May's Top 3 Hotline Topics

5/4/17 / Tech

May's Top 3 Hotline Topics

This months top three topics straight from our technical hotline team

Hot Topic 1 :

Ford Concentric Slave Cylinders (CSC).

CSC’s have different designs depending on gearbox design. Some CSC’s have their own integral seal system for “butting” against transmission/input shaft. Others have to be sealed to avoid transmission fluid seepage. Some of the Ford CSC’s do not now contain an “o” ring seal. Instead, you need to use a sealing compound with suitable oil resistant properties. Careful inspection prior to installation is recommended.

Hot Topic 2:

LUK 620311500.

This product features a design whereby the diaphragm may need to be pre-compressed prior to installation (depending on flywheel design). A top tip is to use the self adjusting clutch (SAC) tool which allows the compression during fitment rather than “prior to” as described. This advice is not provided elsewhere.

Hot Topic 3:

Part number 415057610.

Depending on the vehicle application this is not currently paired with a corresponding clutch, you would need to purchase a Citroen/ Peugeot OE component. In the future we will be offering a RepSet DMF complete kit to address the situation.