June's Top 3 Hotline Topics

6/2/17 / Tech

June's Top 3 Hotline Topics

This months top three topics straight from our technical hotline team

Hot Topic One: Online Catalogue

We currently receive a large number of calls from parts suppliers who are asking the technical team to look up clutch part numbers. We accept that there are many variables within the catalogue system and welcome calls where genuine ambiguity is evident. A large number of the calls we receive relates to a part number where only one part is available. If you are still unsure please use the VIN break analysis or engine number evalution.

Factors:Please check our online catalogue before calling

Technicians:We will always try to provide the best solution

Hot Topic Two: Peugeot/Citreon Vehicles

OE part numbers, component and vehicle information can be obtained via sites public.servicebox.peugeot and service.citreon.com. The OE data can sometimes clear a path to enlightenment for those 'oddball' listings.

Hot Topic Three:Aftermarket Product Number 620326800

We receive a number of calls relative to this component. This product uses a new type design that negates the need to perform cutting operations. The product can be fitted in the usual way.