INA FEAD KIT - the complete belt system repair solution for tractor

12/6/17 / INA

INA FEAD KIT - the complete belt system repair solution for tractor

INA FEAD KITS are now available to purchase from the Online Tractor Parts Shop

Most new generation tractor engines feature a complex FEAD system, which drives a host of auxiliary components and safety functions. After identifying a service requirement for this system, and as pioneers in the development of OE repair solutions for the aftermarket, our Schaeffler engineers have created an innovative, ‘best practice’ range of kits and components which are immediately available for the 5,6 & 7 series John Deere models - with further expansion of the FEAD KIT range coming soon to cover additional tractor models.

Why is it important to carry out a complete Front End Auxiliary Drive replacement?

As the number of engine and safety systems in a modern tractor increases so does the load placed on the FEAD belt system. More components mean a more complex belt route, leading to increased levels of transferable force and vibration. Combine these factors with the harsh conditions of a tractor engine bay and the potential for premature wear and possible failure is clear to see.

Replacing a single defective part may only help as a short-term solution. In many cases, the true cause of the damage rests with another component, but it’s difficult to find. That is why we recommend the first comprehensive repair solution for the front end auxiliary drive! All affected components can be replaced in a single work step for a long lasting repair. The unique INA FEAD KIT damps vibrations in the belt drive, ensures smooth running and efficient power transmission.

INA FEAD KIT: What‘s in the box?

Depending on the model application and FEAD design, each INA FEAD kit can contain specific multi-ribbed belts, tensioner and deflection pulleys, as well as Overrunning Alternator Pulleys (OAPs), all of which are recommended by Schaeffler’s team of experts for a lasting repair.

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