7/13/18 / Competitions / INA


Find out how well you did on our INA Quiz!

Many of you took part in our INA Quiz, where there was the chance to bag 300 points if you answered all five questions correctly! Check your answers here and see how many you got right...

1. What is the potential CO2 saving using a PYD pulley decoupler bottom pulley?

  • 8%

2. When the alternator and water pump (if FEAD driven) needs replacing, do you change the FEAD belt as well?

  • Yes

3. In what year was INA founded?

  • 1946

4. What INA components might you find on a timing belt system? List as many as you can!

  • Timing belt, tensioner, idler, coolant pump

5. What is the name for the world's first fully variable, electro-hydraulic valve control system manufactured by INA?

  • It can be known as MultiAir, TwinAir OR MultiAir!

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